Worthington Windsurfers 10th Anniversary

Light wind break!
On June 12-14 Worthington Windsurfers celebrated their 10th anniversary and another USW National Race Tour Event. Aprox. 40 sailors registered, inspite of the rain and light wind forcast. Light winds were almost a relief after last years 30 to 35 mph winds.. (along with a tornado). The community showed up in force and gate tabulators registered crowds in the thousands.

Races were held both Sat and Sunday under the competent direction of Jeff Hegwer along with Jason Swanson, Andy Gratton, Craig Bergh and others. Complete race results can be found at www.mowind.org or www.worthingtonwindsurfing.com.

The windsurfers and public enjoyed the Unvarnished Music Festival, an event of Uncommon Merit. Photo credits to festival photographer Dan Norman. He captured the essence of the event at www.danorm.com along with the Daily Globe providing the public with invaluable daily updates on their website www.dglobe.com.
Saturday evening crowd

Noah Hoehn playing the Louisiana saxophone

Bill Keitel reporting