The Quest for Speed


The high winds finally returned to Worthington Minnesota on Sept 27 and 28; blowing 25 to 35 knots each day. We had a number of sailors participating.

Andrew Anderson flew in from Oakland California, logged a 32.19 knot run, and took the lead for the 2009 Midwest Speed Quest on Sunday.  Andrew also claimed the $200 Economic Stimulus CASH, by recording the first 30 knot session of the day. Chris Lock  was also on the water, and recorded a new best speed for 2009 of 31.63 knots. Both racers were sailing the KA Koncept Sail, and Vector Fins.
On Monday, Arden Anderson had a blazing session. He turned in a Best 10 Second Run of 33.55 knots, and a Max  2 Second Speed of 35.44 knots. These are the highest speeds ever recorded on Lake Okabena. Adam Anderson recorded a 29.63 knot run, and David Knight recorded his best run of the year at 32.00 knots using a Koncept Sail.  Both racers were using Vector Fins. David Knight won the winner of the 2008 Midwest Speed Quest with a 32.52 knot run;  and sails the Carbon Art SL60 Slalom Board. Sessions were also entered by Delbert Carpenter and Wayne Anderson.
The Midwest Speed Quest closes on October 15th. We look forward to a couple more days of great Speed Sailing. October has brought us winds well over 40 mph. The most intense racing of the year is seen in these final days.
We continue to offer a $500 CASH to any racer that records a 35 knot run before October 15th!!! This money is in addition to the $2500 in Cash Prizes awarded each year.
Stay tuned for a Year End Report, and visit our web site for the latest rankings and Wind Forecasts:
Craig Bergh reporting

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