Windsurfing out of the Olympics for 2016

photo by Dale Thompson

Most everyone has heard by now of the recent decision by ISAF to replace windsurfing with kite boarding in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil.  It only took a few hours for a petition drive to begin to ask ISAF to reverse the decision, you can see and sign the petition at  Over 14,000 people have already signed!  There is lots of interesting discussion in the facebook group to keep windsurfing in the Olympics (there are already almost 17,000 members).

The RS:X class website had the folowing to say:

“The campaign to put windsurfing back in the Olympics will not be easy. Nor will it be a sprint. It is more likely to be a marathon but when the the going gets tough the tough get going. The RS:X Class fully realize that this is not a matter just for them. It is a matter for the whole sport of windsurfing.

The initiatives to set up a petition did not come from within the RS:X Class nor did the Facebook Group. They came as a result of the spontaneous combustion of anger and frustration felt by windsurfers round the world. People from more than 100 countries are involved in some way or another.

So what happens now…”  For the rest of the article go to

As devestating as this is for so many people world wide – it is important to remember that the sport of windsurfing still has a lot of fantastic things going for it….support your local clubs and events, teach some kids how to windsurf or encourage your local sailing center to start a youth program and most important – go windsurfing!


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