Cody Steward and Ned Crossley Join The US Windsurfing Team!

We’re thrilled to have Cody Steward join US Windsurfing as Executive Director, and Ned Crossley as Regional Director for the Northeast!

Cody Steward joins US Windsurfing as Executive Director

Cody Steward joins US Windsurfing as Executive Director

Cody is taking over from Karen Marriott, who decided to step away from the role of Executive Director at US Windsurfing in order to focus her energy on other projects. We asked Karen how she felt about moving on:

I am so thankful for the years that I have spent talking to windsurfers from around the country and getting to know so many of them. US Windsurfing has really been a labor of love for me, and though it is bittersweet to be stepping away from my role as Executive Director, I am certain that Cody has the experience and energy to do great things for and with US Windsurfing. I am so excited for all of our members to get to know him and for the mission of US Windsurfing to be moving forward in good hands!

Cody brings an incredible mix of skills to the job. He’s beenĀ a racer, event organizer, and windsurfing instructor for 10 years. We asked him how he felt about taking on this new role:

I am excited for the opportunity to work with US Windsurfing! For years I have been trying to find ways to get more involved with the sport and help the stoke. There are many great ideas starting up within the organization right now and I am honored to be brought on board to help those ideas becomes realities.

Ned Crossley - 800x800

Ned Crossley (doing a double-shaka with Jennie in the picture above!) joins US Windsurfing as Regional Director for the Northeast

We’re also very pleased to see Ned Crossley join US Windsurfing in an official capacity, as Regional Director for the Northeast region. Ned has coached countless instructors around the country, and has been a real ambassador for our sport. He’s replacingĀ Dan Weiss, who has been a leading force for US Windsurfing, not just in the Northeast, and also as a key contributor to our national development programs over the years:

After a decade of service as Director of US Windsurfing’s Northeast Region covering all of New England and New York, I reach out to thank everyone for their stoke. The time is now to step aside. The legend, the man, and instructor trainer extraordinaire, Ned “Coach” Crossley skillfully takes over the helm in New England. Please greet Ned with his trademarked fist bump!

To which Ned added something that we’re thinking we might coin as a motto for US Windsurfing:

Windsurfing on every lake, bay, and ocean!

Karen and Dan have been the face of US Windsurfing for many, many years and will still be contributing their ideas and insights on key projects moving forward. They’re leaving mighty big shoes to fill, but Cody and Ned are up to the task and have already hit the ground running!

For more details, follow these links to Cody Steward’s profile and Ned Crossley’s profile.

Please join us in welcoming them both to US Windsurfing!

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