US National Racing Tour: Tammy Bockius and Jesper Vesterstroem are 2015 Slalom Champs!

Slalom action on the 2015 National Tour! (Cabrillo, photo credit: Daniel Gallet)

The US Slalom National Racing Tour this year took riders to Maui, Hood River, Cabrillo Beach and Miami, and we’re stoked to crown Tammy Bockius (Maui, HI) and Jesper Vesterstroem (New York, NY) as our overall National Slalom Champions for the 2015 season!

“I am delighted to receive the Women’s overall National slalom racing title,” said Tammy. “I really enjoy being part of such a ‘green’, healthy, outdoor and family oriented sport such as Windsurfing. I also look forward to more sailing this upcoming season at the Maui Race Series (MRS) along with my youngest daughter, Sailor. Big thanks to US Windsurfing also for putting on another fun, well organized U.S. Nationals in L.A. this past year! I applaud their loyal support of the MRS and for linking all four slalom sailing events across the U.S. into one series.”

Tammy, a team rider for MauiSails, is always charging hard around the buoys and has been a fabulous ambassador for the MRS over the years. She’s sharing her love of the sport not just with her family (her daughter Sailor is hot on her heels, and her husband Sam is also a regular at the top of the fleet at Kanaha Beach Park), but also with her extended windsurfing family: she was regional director for US Windsurfing for many years, and continues to help grow the sport every chance she gets!

Tammy Bockius charging hard in Maui! (credit: MauiSails)

Jesper is a force to be reckoned with on the water, and an immensely generous sailor too, running clinics and sharing precious tips with fellow competitors around the country. A long-time pro windsurfer, Jesper sails with DEN-111 on his sails but don’t let that fool you: he’s a New Yorker through and through now!

“I am so stoked to finish on top and win overall,” said Jesper, “but not the least to still be able to represent in the sport I love so much. 2016 is going to be even more amazing with events in Texas, Rio Vista, Hood River, Maui and Miami, and I can’t wait to support them and to be a part of the US Windsurfing Tour 2016. Thanks heaps to all the volunteers behind the events, without you it would not have been possible. Let’s all keep charging hard to keep building this sport!”

Jesper Vesterstroem right on the mark! (credit: Lori Makabe)

We’re blessed to have a vibrant slalom scene around the country, and supporters, organizers and racers who are as selfless as they are talented. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added Rio Vista to the tour this year for even more fun! Here are the 2016 dates, make your plans early!


Start line action on the US Slalom Tour! (credit: Daniel Gallet)

Congratulations also go to Ron Kern (Fort Lauderdale, FL), Steve Gottlieb (Daytona Beach, FL), Andy Gratton (Fond du Lac, WI) and Raul Lopez (Miami, FL) for winning the overall 2015 NRT titles for Formula, Kona, Open, and RS:X class racing respectively! All results are here!

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