Hatteras Goes the Distance!

The East Coast Windsurfing Association, in cooperation with Makani Fins, hosted a windsurfing festival in Hatteras a couple of weeks ago, and it was a success beyond all expectations! Slalom and freestyle clinics were on the menu with seasoned pros, along with a GPS contest (34.57 kts top speed over 100 m!), but the ‘piece de resistance’ was a 16 km long distance race that took all competitors all the way to the reef and back, twice! It was such a hoot that they ran the whole thing twice too. Everyone is already looking forward to the sophomore¬†edition¬†next year!

“We were expecting 20 people in order to have the event, and all of a sudden there’s 30 people, 40 people, and then we come down to Hatteras and there’s a line out the front door of Ocean Air with people signing up… and we ended up with 106!” – event co-organizer Mike Burns

PWA star Kurosh Kiani won the race, ahead of Dan Preece and Arnold Roest. All results here.

Windsurfer Photo - 01

Winner Kurosh Kiani crossing the finish line! (credit: Windsurfer Photos)

Rafal Leonczuk - 02

Defi Wind in Hatteras? Crowded Start Line! (photo credit: Rafal Leonczuk)

obx-wind - 02

Fun at the awards ceremony! (credit: OBX-WIND)

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