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Safety and Access Issues

Why PFDs aren’t the answer to windsurfing safety

Water access proposal and supporting materials

How to work with public officials

Sports Marketing Issues

The windsurfing consumer research report

National data on windsurfers (1994)

• Consumer views on windsurfing: Windsurfers hooked on the sport

• Marketing kits to help you with your sports business

• US Windsurfing Sponsorship opportunities

Learn to Windsurf

• Everything you wanted to know about windsurfing

Racing 101

Event Management

It’s not just a regatta anymore – Tips on how to transform your regatta into a charity event

How to submit a bid to host the US Windsurfing Nationals

• Event Guidelines: All the help you need to run your event!

Racing Rules of Sailing for 2005-2008

ISAF/IWA Windsurfing Competition Rules

USW FW Class Rules – Sail Numbers