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The local “affiliated club” is of vital importance to the strength and visibility of your national association, US Windsurfing. Local windsurfing clubs are the grassroots of windsurfing in the U.S. They introduce potential new members to windsurfing, provide instruction, work with the community on access and safety issues, and provide a rich social life.

Members of these clubs may join US Windsurfing and save $5.00 off USWA annual dues. Your club will also receive an awesome RED, WHITE, AND BLUE US Windsurfing flag to fly at your events.

Remember to inform us of your clubs activities, fun events, competition, races, swaps…whatever you have going on! Make use of your club’s benefits from US Windsurfing.

Talk up US Windsurfing!

Encourage your individual members to support their sport by joining US Windsurfing and taking advantage of the $5.00 discount. Your local club’s membership, and affiliation with US Windsurfing, is vitally important to the strength of our sport in the United States.

Be sure to inform us of any contact changes, e-mail addresses and website listings for your club. We need this information about your club:

Club Name and mailing address
Director contact with phone number and e-mail address
Web address, if available
Club Event calendar

We will be providing direct links from your club’s listing at back to your website. This will be a valuable benefit to your club as potential new members visit the US Windsurfing site looking for new club info in their area.