NRT 2009 Hybrid

Class Rank
Sail Number
Total Points
Calema Midwinters
48 Hours
WET Spring
Ronstan Challenge
Nat Siddall
2Chris Berry2822022000
3Dick TillmanA21021000
4Glendon GardnerMIG20020000
5Alberto CamposMEX719190000
5Rod ClevengerUS6419019000
6Jorge FartanYUC118180000
6Dave ChapmanGL24018018000
7E Mendez GombraD17170000
7Scott HaasH17017000
8Noe PerazaE16160000
8Scott FoheyS116016000
9Jose Carlos GuzmanC15150000
9Dennis Berngartne5715015000
10Diego Aojeda AcostaG14140000
10James DonahueJDX14014000
11Betriz CastilloB13130000
11Gary SmithU13013000
12Lulu CastilloF12120000
12Neil FarrowX512012000
13Jorge Alfredo FerralA111110000
13Philip Dufresne1211011000
14Isabel EviaH10100000
14Frank Murray910010000

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