NRT 2010 Kona

Class Rank
I to I
Island Style
Miami Wind & Surfers
Total Points
Michael Rayl
2Steve Campbell01112161251
3Bruce Matlack002025045
4Steve Gottlieb001923042
5Justin Ahearn001822040
6Doug Waldo001721038
7Steve Bogan001420034
8Chris Conlon010017027
9Mateo Vargas00027027
10Dave Stanger00026026
11Andree Gauthier00024024
12Solvig Sayre00220022
13Kevin Hendrickson00210021
14Glendon Gardner00018018
15Zach Marks00160016
16Scott Fohey00015015
17Colin Campbell00014014
18Richard Schnur00130013
19John Darling00013013
20John Cantos01200012
21Glen Briskin00012012
22Joe Wittmann00110011
23Scott Lynch00011011
24Robert Porter00001111
25Kyle Shaw00100010
26Krista Kant00010010
27Aldo Maia00001010

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