NRT 2010 Open

Class Rank
I to I
Island Style
Windpower Champs
Total Points
Andy Gratton
2Blaise Gratton0000213051
3Arden Anderson0000252449
4Peter Hartwich0000222345
5Magnus Zaunmueller0000142943
6Adam Anderson0000231437
7Steve Johnson0000172037
8Wayne Anderson0000181836
9Mark Boersma000003535
10Kevin Gratton000003333
11Steve Callaway0000191332
12Rob Gratton000003232
13Jeff De Gayner000003131
14Tim Cleary000002828
15Don Altmeyer000002727
16Alex Monroe000002626
17Michael Reed000002525
18John Quinn0011130024
19Larry Miller0010140024
20Dieter Reichelt0012110023
21Randy Howell0000121123
22Robin Shaw000002222
23Ray Muller000002121
24Deburn Carpenter000020020
25Niles Book000001919
26Chris Voith000170017
27Mic Igoe000001717
28Dan Oliver000160016
29Ray Muller000016016
30Ian House000001616
31Henry DeWolf000150015
32Jay Milbrandt000015015
33Kathy Leifer000001515
34Randy Moon000013013
35Dick Tillman000120012
36Steve Willits000001212
37Daniel Borsutzky110000011
38Eric Rahnenfuehrer000011011
39Beth Winkler100000010
40Mac Semken000100010
41Arnie Cleveland000010010
42Steve Vande Corput000001010

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