NRT 2013 RS:X

Class Rank
Sail Number
Sarasota Windsurfing Classic
Calema Midwinters
Total Points
Jonathan Rudich
USA 52851318
2Rasmus SayreUSA 08941216
3Raul LopezUSA 5291515
3Gabriel Verrier-PaquetteCAN 296915
5Solvig SayreUSA 00931114
5Jean Sebastien FugereCAN 511414
7Margot SamsonUSA 2941010
8Juan Fernando BazoPER 3088
9Christopher WaldoUSA 28977
10Charlotte SamsonUSA 797246
10Maximo NoresUSA 10266
12Roy ItzhakiISR 1055
13Malo OualletUSA 142134
14Olivia MewCAN 1722
15Nicolas BailleulUSA 311

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