NRT 2015 RS:X

Class Rank
Sail Number
29th Calema Midwinters
Raul Lopez
2Pedro PascualUSA1116
3Maximo NoresUSA615
4Gabriel Verrier-PaquetteCAN2914
5Jean-Sebastien FugereCAN5113
6Diana DetreHUN712
7Max RobinsonCAN4511
8Solvig SayreUSA00910
9Ben BargerBER19
10Laurence Bonneau-CharlandCAN658
11Roy ItzhakiMEX837
12Connor OurslerUSA1426
13Felix ToledoO885
14Tucker McElwaneyUSA2414
15Charlotte SamsonUSA7973
16Michael JenkinsVEN12
17Tim WalkerCAN311

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