27th Annual Maui Slalom Series!

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The series of events that makes us all wish we were in Maui  is happening now! There are three events left in the 27th annual Maiu Race Series this summer -  the Maui Fin Co Open July 2 at Kanaha Beach Park, the Quiksilver Cup July 16 at Kanaha Beach Park and the Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championship, July 30 at Kanaha Beach Park.  You can see all the results, pictures and more details at www.mauiraceseries.com .  Get out and race!

Windsurfing is part of the US Sailing Road Show!

The inaugural US SAILING Roadshow will be making stops at sailing organizations from Maine to Virginia to participate in a variety of events including regattas, junior clinics, and community outreach programs, adult learn to sail seminars, and other sailing events.  Check out the Roadshow blog at http://ussroadshow.blogspot.com/ .  If you are in the area when they come through – go check out the styling trailer and Bic Techno 293s in person!

Register now for Nationals! Save Money!

The 2011 Double Tree by Hilton at Berkeley Marina US Windsurfing National Championships are quickly approaching!  With less than two months to go until the event now is the time to sign up! 

The 2011 DoubleTree by Hilton at Berkeley Marina US Windsurfing National Championships has opened for registration!

It’s time to save some money and register early for what promises to be a spectacular regatta of Freestyle, Slalom, Techno, and Formula Windsurfing action in the infamous waters of San Francisco Bay this July 11 through the 16th. By registering early  you can save some significant dollars as registering closer to the event start date will incur you some additional costs and with Slalom, Freestyle, and Course racing filling up the agenda you’ll want to save those dollars for exploring the incredible cities of Berkeley and nearby San Francisco.

Did we say save money? Yes! In fact this year’s title sponsor, The DoubleTree by Hilton at the Berkeley Marina, is located just steps away from the official event site and is offering competitors, and their families, discounted rates for staying at the Hotel. Act quickly however as rooms at these rates won’t last long!Calling all Techno sailors! The Nationals organizers have worked closely with the upcoming Techno Windsurfing Worlds Organizers to provide and incredible opportunity for sailors to prepare for the World Championships (July 19-24) by getting in some training time on San Francisco Bay prior to the Worlds. That’s right the 2011DoubleTree By Hilton at Berkeley Marina US Windsurfing National Championships has Techno Divisions just for you! The Techno Worlds start 3 days after the Nationals wrap up so there is no better way to be ready than joining in! So get a leg up on your competition and put the 2011DoubleTree By Hilton at Berkeley Marina US Windsurfing National Championships on your calendar today.

Click Here To Register For The Competition

Click Here To Secure A Discounted Hotel Room

Note to Techno Sailors – The DoubleTree By Hilton at Berkeley Marina is about a 30-35 minute drive to the Event site (Crissy Field) for the Techno World Championsh

ips so feel free to book your stay through both events if you would like. Staying at a hotel in San Francisco will likely be significantly more expensive. Unfortunately there is no Techno Charter Gear available so you will need to arrange for your own gear. There is however limited Starboard Formula charter gear still available. Contact janemorson@yahoo.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to secure gear but do act fast.

2011 Midwest Speed Quest

It is time to announce The 2011 Midwest Speed Quest. We would like to thank everyone who has participated in past years, and invite everyone back again in 2011. We have been working hard all winter long to make this Event even better. 

 The speeds recorded in this Event can be compared with speeds recorded anywhere in the world. We work closely with the Team at GPS Speed Surfing in Holland. These guys support all forms of Speed Sailing, including GPS WindsurfingGPS KiteboardingGPS Ice Sailing, and new for 2011:  GPS Land Sailing

 Thanks to the Support of our Sponsors, we have over $3500 in Cash and Prizes to award to the Racers. We will pay $1000 CASH to the fastest windsurfer on Lake Okabena in 2011. Speed shall be measured by the “The Best Ten Second Run“. The 2011 Midwest Speed Quest follows the rules and methods set out by GPS Speed Surfing.

 The “Economic Stimulus Package “was a success in 2009 and 2010, and shall be repeated again in 2011. Starting May 1, 2011, the first run over 30 knots shall receive $100 CASH! More Stimulus Funds to be awarded all season long!

 This has been a long, and cold winter. Spring has arrived late this year. For 2011, this event shall run from May 1 to October 15th on an open schedule. Pick a windy day that fits your schedule, and come on down. Let us help you with discounted Lodging and Great Food.

 The Wind Forecast for May 1 is terrific, with base winds of 26 mph, with gusts of 36. These are excellent speed sailing conditions:


 We have the best demo gear in the world for use by the visiting racers.  Please visit our Web Site for complete information.


 This is the 7th year of the Midwest Speed Quest. Every year we try to something new and different. This event is designed for sailors of all skill levels, from beginners to the top racers.  This Event is about Participation. We want Racers from ages 6 to 96!!!   No matter your skill level, we will be there to get you started Speed Sailing right!!!   We also provide free hot meals Beachside, as well as free Pet Care, Child Care, and Spousal Care (care of the Windsurfing Widow)!!!   As always, this event is FREE!!! There are never any fees or charges. You may enter as many times as you like all season long. We want you to participate as often as you can.

 We will provide the GPS unit . The official GPS unit of the Midwest Speed Quest is the GT-31 by LOCOSYS Technology. This is the finest hand held GPS available. With over $1000 on the line, our racers will want to use the most precise GPS device available.

 Again for 2011, there will a 500 Meter Alpha Racing Category. This is an event where your best average speed is measured through a jibe. This sounds complicated, but is really quite simple, and is easily calculated by the GPS Speed Software.   We want to recognize those racers who have excellent technical skills on the Race Course. This is a unique way to rank the Racers on their jibing ability.   For 2010, the Top Alpha Speed was recorded by Andrew Anderson of Oakland California with a speed of 21.11 knots.

 The Midwest Speed Quest runs on a completely flexible schedule over a 6 month period. You decide when you want to race. The National Weather Service Forecasts are extremely accurate up to 5 days in advance. Find a windy day that fits your schedule, and let us know you are coming down. We will meet you on the Beach with a GPS ready to go. See the “NOTICE OF RACE” Page for more information.

 There will also be a number of Scheduled race Days as well. On these days, we will provide free Refreshments and Snacks on the Beach, and a Hot Meal at the end of the day.

 Spectators are always welcome. This is a great opportunity to meet the Windsurfers and find out more about this Sport.   The success of this Event is the support of the 29 Sponsors.   This Event is unique in that some Sponsors are local, some are National, and others are International.  It is the Sponsors are the ones who make this all possible. We thank all these Sponsors for their support!  Please visit our “Sponsors Links Page. As you buy your gear and conduct business in 2011, please support the People and Companies who make this Event possible.  Thanks to the generosity of our Sponsors, we have the highest Speed Sailing Prize Money in the USA.  We also have lots of demo gear and prizes for visiting sailors from such fine companies as:

 We also welcome: “The Windsurfing Movie II. We will be giving away DVDs all season long. Thank you Jace Panebianco!   We have a number of discounted Motel Rooms at the  AmercInn of Worthington available to visiting racers, as well as discounted meals at La Azteca Mexican Restaurant of Worthington, the finest Mexican Food and the best Margarita anywhere.   We also want to thank these local Worthington Businesses for their support of the Midwest Speed Quest:

 It is great to have your local support!!!

Stay tuned for even more announcements in the near future.  We look forward to seeing you on Lake Okabena in 2011!


Craig Bergh

The Midwest Speed Quest


 email: cbergh@iw.net

 Cell 1-507-360-4801

2011 Elvestrom/Zellerbach regatta, San Francisco, CA

70+ dinghies and boards packed the San Francisco city front course for 2 days of racing at the St. Francis Elvestrom/Zellerbach regatta. The 5 fleets saw a building breeze and foggy conditions both days with racing in 15-25k and a raging ebb tide along the San Francisco city front.
The lasers saw a big turn out in prep for this season’s masters and 4.7 World Championships in San Francisco.

With just 6 board sailors in the formula windsurfing class, our fleet saw the core racers in action but it was Seth Besse who showed the most consistency to walk away with all 6 bullets.

I thought I might get the first one- leading around the course but failed  to cover on the last 2 legs and let Seth and Crad slip into the top positions. CRad and I rounded the bottom leeward mark in a pack of lasers on the outside of the pinwheel. Despite the dirty air, the formula boards are traveling so fast compared to the dinghies that it only takes a few seconds to clear and get through any bad air.   We tacked and were overlapped heading into the finish with CRad edging me out by shooting the line at the just the right moment.

Race 2 started with a true sportsmanship from our fleet. Rather than start with just 3 guys we abandoned the sequence in order to wait for the guys who went to rig down in the building breeze. Im not sure- Ive ever seen this happen but it sure is a lot more fun to win when you’re racing against all the competitors.

Seth and I were close midway through the race. I tacked just below him on the 2nd beat up thinking I would be able to squeeze him out with better angle from below but he had enough speed to roll right over the top of me.

Ouch! Speed kills. No strategy required.

In the high speed racing we do on formula boards, its not often you get more than 1 or 2 chances to make a move on the course. You’ve got to see it coming and when it happens capitalize on it immediately. When racing is tight, you’ve got to be able to utilize your best asset otherwise its waiting for the guys in front of you to make a mistake.

Race 3 saw more of the same in a building 18-22k breeze. All of the fleet was on the 9.5 or 10′s as the ebb increased and racing took it’s toll.   Consistency  paid off for Seth as he scored another bullet with Al and I rounding the top 3.

Day 2 saw 3 more races for all fleets + the chance to sail in the flood tide before the ebb really kicked in strong at 2pm. The usual pecking order established itself quickly as Seth got out to an early lead again with great speed. I had 2nd all but wrapped up again in front of Al coming into the finish line but had to duck below 2-3 lasers and barely eeked out across the line salvaging 2nd in what could have been disaster.

Race 5 saw the tide switch and the committee board swing from straight downwind to straight upwind despite a fresh 18-22k breeze I realized what was happening but failed to take into account the relationship of the starting line. It was now a slalom start and I was over early. Clearing myself I decided to get some separation from the fleet to get any advantage I could. When your behind, you really don’t have too much too loose and your risk can be bigger. I separated form the fleet during the next 4 legs and clawed my back but charged a bit too hard and went swimming on my last gybe to the leeward mark.

Total yard sale!

Race 6 started in 22-25k and a big ebb. All of the fleet was on either 9.o’s, 9.3′s or 9.5′s and 64-67cm fins. Anything else was just too big to handle in the chop and breeze.  Control was the name of the game. Seth jumped out to an early lead while I got buried at the start.  I kept going despite the bad air and made my moves when I could, finally powering over CRad on the final downwind to get another 2nd.

Overall another  great weekend of racing on the San Francisco Bay!

Steve Bodner



Techno 293 Charters for 2011 World Championships in San Francisco, Ca

For any junior sailors who are on the fence about coming to the T293 World Championships this summer in San Francisco- act quickly as there are only 20 of the 150 charter boards left.
April 15 is the last date for National Teams to reserve charters and then it opens up to individuals on first come/first serve basis.
There is also the option to purchase new gear at discounted price delivered to StFYC.

More information is available at http://www.techno293.org/page0143v01.htm

Windsurfing Magazine’s Board Test, Cape Hatteras

I’m here for the second week of the Windsurfing Magazine Light Air Board Test and will share some existential thoughts on the matter, some photos and some links.

Home Sweet Home

We have over a dozen windsurfers testing more-than-a-quiver of short boards designed for use between 10 knots and maybe 20 kts.  I say maybe because of the different role each board might play in the hands of the sailor who buys one.  All of the boards offer high performance, but not all fall into the same traditional categories of use.  For example, I sailed the new Angulo Magnum 112 and immediately swtiched to the Quatro Free Ride 110.  Though only a nominal difference in volume, the boards couldn’t feel farther apart in performance.  The Angulo is a full-blown slalom racing machine.  It feels very responsive underfoot and requires a certain degree of attention when sending it downwind for speed.  The Quatro is not a race board but intended to be a very friendly ride; one that is easy to plane and that keeps its nose nicely planted in chop.  Both board go fast, have good upwind angle for making it home and feel very positive when sailing. So what’s the diff?  Who buys one or the other?  Yesterday’s conditions might answer the question.  We saw wind spiking deep into the 30+kt range causing the water on the Pamlico Sound to achieve a state something akin to popping popcorn.  Very short and steep chop with just a few small ramps moving through.  Good enough to jump, not big enough to cause big problems for all but the largest free ride boards. At least that’s what I figure, because the most used boards tended to be the smallest of the bunch and were better matched to the 4.5 – 5.5 sails.  And that brings me to my personal view on what makes a great light wind short board:  control.  Slalom racers have the same control needs as the person who sails for fun on the weekends, but not for the same reasons.  I think (not researched, needs data) that people who buy light wind freeride boards may only own one shortboard or, at least, own a rarely-used high wind board.  These windsurfers have no board to switch down to when the wind starts cranking and generally opt to rig down to keep the day fun.    A large freeride board must offer gobs of control and needs enough nose rocker to instill confidence -even though the rocker lines on all the boards are pretty much sussed out.  That itself is important as very few windsurfers who purchase a larger freeride board know a lot about tuning the ride when it doesn’t feel quite right out of the box.  Control in conditions outside the ideal wind range is the end-all be-all for these boards. OK, early planing has a lot to do with it, too, but intermediate to advanced windsurfers don’t just want a board that will plane in the lightest breeze.  Otherwise, Formula boards would rule the roost at every windsurfing spot!  These boards must instill confidence at the upper end in order to be considered a success.  So the conditions we experienced yesterday made easy work of determining what boards were more fun quite easy.

Last, but certainly not least, East Coast freestyle guru Mike Burns sailed with us for a few hours. His enthusiasm for windsurfing pairs nicely with his willingness to show us how to toss the latest and greatest freestyle trick.  Below, Mike pops into a move I cannot identify.

Please check out http://windsurfingmag.com/ for more reports and links to James Douglass’s blog that includes coverage from week one.

2011 Junior, Youth & Masters Windsurfing World Championship in San Francisco

The St. Francis Yacht Club, in coordination with US Sailing and US Windsurfing, will be host to the 2011  TECHNO 293 Junior, Youth and open class  World Championship & Masters raceboard class World Championship  from July 17th to July 24th, 2011


Housing details:
There are fourteen nearby hostels, one within walking distance from the St. Francis Yacht Club (located at Fort Mason with beds from $22 and run by Hostelling International). The Club has been working with the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien on some special housing arrangements too. There are a number of hotels in the Marina District of San Francisco, which is walking distance from St. Francis Yacht Club (for example, The Coventry Motor Inn).

Coach Boats:
Several companies on San Francisco Bay charter out boats suitable to coach from. You are welcome to contact Bryan McDonald for more information. His email is sailing314 at yahoo.com

More info @ http://2011worldchampionship.blogspot.com/

DoubleTree by Hilton At Berkeley Marina Signs As 2011 Title Sponsor of US Nationals

It’s been a while since Windsurfing has signed up a large out of industry sponsor to support its premiere US racing event, the US Windsurfing National championships but times are a changin’.

As companies have come to realize however there is almost no more effective advertising spend than one that truly compliments and supports its patrons. We all know windsurfers are a nomadic bunch crisscrossing the globe in search of the best winds and the folks over at the DoubleTree by Hilton Berkeley Marina know this too. So it was no surprise when National Championships lead organizer, Jane Morson, announced the signing of the DoubleTree by Hilton at the Berkeley Marina as this year’s title sponsor.

“Organizing, and also being behind the scenes help at Windsurfing events for a number of years, I have tried to listen and learn from what attendees have had to say. ” says Morson. “There always seemed to have been accommodation problems, and this year we have solved this for everyone”.

The 2011 Windsurfing National Championships are set to fire off in Berkeley July 11th through the 16th of this year and with DoubleTree by Hilton having one of its own hotels sharing the land just down the road it made perfect sense that the hotel would want to be in on the action. The hotels picturesque resort-like setting is accentuated by the stunningly appointed facility and the hotel is ideally situated at right at the Berkeley Marina (pictured at right). These racers can look forward to a plethora of discounts in the form of discounted room rates, discounted food and beverage, and even free parking. When combined with the hotels panoramic views of the San Francisco cityscape and astonishing Golden Gate Bridge views it’s going to be an event to remember for those taking up the DoubleTree on these generous offers. (pictured belo left an example of the rooms racers can look forward to.

The US Windsurfing National Championships, now known as the DoubleTree by Hilton at the Berkeley Marina 2011 US Windsurfing National Championships, will be celebrating the 35th anniversary this year of its return to Berkeley, and it could be the start of a rebirth that launches windsurfing back in to the limelight.

Morson continues “It has been an absolute pleasure working with the DoubleTree by Hilton Berkeley Marina’s, Director of Sales & Marketing, Brooke Meyer, and it was my complete honor when they signed on to support the event. I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Nationals.”

Interested in attending the event? Click Here to reserve your room at the DoubleTree by Hilton at Berkeley Marina.

This year’s event promises to once again bring big winds and wild water the San Francisco bay is famous for but the highlight just may be the complimentary warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for you when you get there!

The notice of race is posted at http://www.formulawindsurfing.org/nor.php?id=129

About the Berkeley Yacht Club

Berkeley Yacht Club is in the Berkeley Marina, on the south side of the harbor entrance channel. The club was founded in 1939, and the clubhouse was built by members between 1940 and 1974. The clubhouse includes a bar, lounge, and dining facilities, and the bar and lounge areas feature a spectacular “three-bridge view” of San Francisco Bay.There is a guest dock, but the club does not provide permanent berthing. Berkeley Marina is a municipal marina, operated by the City of Berkeley.

There are approximately 250 active members. BYC was among the first yacht clubs in the Bay Area to become entirely non-smoking in 1992.

BYC runs a very active racing program, as well as club cruises once a month, formal and informal parties, dinner meetings, lectures and race clinics. The Commodore’s Ball, Halloween Party, Amateur Performance Nights, and various other special social events span the full range of party styles and tastes.

Berkeley Yacht Club prides itself on being an active participant in supporting the community in which we live. For many years we have had a junior program in conjunction with the Berkeley Boosters focused on introducing at-risk or disadvantaged youth to boating.

Berkeley Yacht Club uses minimal professional staff. Bartenders are usually members, and when there is no bartender on duty the members are free to serve from the bar themselves. Members have keys to the club, and in contrast to many other yacht clubs that are closed during most of the week, BYC can be opened any time by members who wish to use the lounge, bar, or kitchen facilities.

Interested in attending the event? Click Here to reserve your room at the DoubleTree by Hilton at Berkeley Marina.

Florida Kicks off Race Season

This coming weekend marks the first windsurfing regatta of the new year!  The Alex Caviglia Bluewater Classic will be held in Miami from January 15-17.  You can see information about the event and photos and results will be posted at www.cavigliafoundation.org

February 25-27 is a race in Sarasota, FL (you can find more info at (www.mswindsurfing.com), followed by the Banana River Windsurfing regatta and clinic and the Kona North Americans from Feb. 28 to March 6 (more info at http://www.progressivesports.com/banana_river_race.php). 

All of these events are part of the National Race Tour, so get a few events under your belt and on your way to a top of the fleet finish for the season!

RS:X, Formula and Kona racing in Florida