Chris Freeman

Chris Freeman

Sail: K97
Member since: 2009
Racer, Manufacturer
Specialties: Wave, Slalom
Age at start of 2014 season: 37
Years racing: Total of 10 with a 15-yr gap in the middle!
Sponsors: Hot Sails Maui, Kanaha Kai Maui, Angulo, Black Project Fins

What is your most memorable experience at the Maui Race Series?
Lining up on the start line for the first time in 15 years, funnily some of the riders on the start line that day were also on the start line back in the UK at my previous race in the mid 90′s!

What are your goals for the 2014 season?
Last year I won a race meet (Semi-Pro) for the first time since I was a teenager, that was such a great feeling especially as had broken my ribs two days before and was in agony! While known better for wave sailing racing makes me smile so much, I love the tactical, technical and physical elements. This year my main aim is to have more of that fun, although I must admit it is more fun getting to the finish line first sailing at speed with lots of friends is exhilarating. I am trying to improve each year however as Head Judge for the American Windsurfing Tour I will be away much of the summer and will only be able to make 2 or 3 weekends on the Maui Race Series.

What would you say to someone considering racing first the first time?
Getting back into racing is one of the most rewarding things I have done in windsurfing. For me standing on the winner’s podium last year ranks alongside winning an AWT event in Mexico, for me being a smaller rider racing is tough, it¹s a really challenging experience. The main difference between racing in the 90′s and today is the equipment; it is so much easier now, especially for smaller riders. I work closely with Hot Sails Maui on development of the race sails and for 2013 onwards the main focus was comfort, it is not the fastest guy in a straight line that wins races, it’s about course management and those golfers out there will know what I am getting at. So if you are thinking about racing just give it a go, come down meet people, borrow some equipment and go from there, luckily due to the consistent trades here in Maui you don’t need much equipment. I started with an old beat up board and one rig and while I have more access of equipment now I keep my quiver small and focus on the sailing.

Typical set up for Maui Race Series:
iSonic 97, Hot Sails Maui GPS 7.3, Black Project Type RS 38