Dan Weiss

Dan Weiss

Sail: US 484
Member since: 1987
racer, organizer, instructor, official

When did you start windsurfing?

Where do you windsurf the most?
Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Your best session ever?
Too many to count, maybe a February day sailing alone except for a flock of birds that followed me around. Those critters can feel the wind so much better than we.

Tell us a bit more about yourself
I love windsurfing. Every type and way to get it done. My early days windsurfing occurred on a Windsurfer, complete with teak booms and the T-slot mast foot better known as the nut cracker. My friends and I simply played on the boards, sailing as a group, banging into each other and trying tricks. Some of us got into racing during our teenage years and even did pretty well. We all got the benefit of slightly older windsurfers keeping us in mind and under their wings. Some of us kept windsurfing straight through our youth, college and now as parents. Others have recently come back to windsurfing, but all now race together again on Kona One. That’s my deal, as I no longer need to pump huge sails just to compete, and we apply decades of racing experience in everything that sails to finish at or near the top of every Kona One regatta we do. Our kids are windsurfing with us, so you might say we fulfilled one of life’s small goals.