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Marion Lepert


How old are you (as of Aug 2015)?

When did you start windsurfing?

Where did you learn, and where is your training base now?
I learned to windsurf in a small lagoon in Foster City, CA. The San Francisco Bay is now my training base.

When did you start dreaming about getting to the Olympics? Did anything in particular trigger it?
I began dreaming of going to the Olympics in 2013 when I competed in my first RS:X regatta, Miami OCR. This was the first time that I was sharing a starting line with Olympians, and I loved the intensity of the racing.

Is your Rio 2016 campaign a full-time commitment at this time?

Are you placing other plans on hold because of it? What plans?
Many! The most immediate one is my college education. I finished my first two years and am taking a gap year before returning again.

Could you describe a typical week these days?
I spend four days a week on the water, almost exclusively in the mornings to catch some light air before the breeze picks up too much. I can be found trail running most evenings and will go to the gym a few days a week too. I spend a lot of time off the water analyzing my technique, reviewing racing scenarios, fundraising, and preparing the logistics for my next travels.

What do you do to relax?
I love to read when I have some free time.

What book, movie, recording artist have you enjoyed recently?
The Help and Ben Howard.

Are you on your own or is it a team effort?
It is definitely a team effort. I work closely with my dad on all aspects of my campaign, and I’m working with a coach in France to improve my technique and fitness.

Is this your first campaign?

What aspect(s) of your sailing are you working on right now?
I’m focusing on all aspects of my light air technique.

Can you describe a recent breakthrough?
My breakthroughs happen at home scrutinizing video of my sailing. Sometimes my mistakes are obvious, but other times my dad and I will spend hours looking at clips over and over again until we find the little detail that’s messing me up.

Who inspires you to keep pushing?
My dad.

How are you paying for your campaign?
My campaign is funded by the generosity of those who believe in me. I appreciate any help I can get.

Do you have a campaign website – how can supporters get in touch with you?
Yes, my website is the best way to learn more about me.

Besides the RS:X, What other class / type of windsurfing do you enjoy?
I really enjoy slalom and formula.

Where will we see you next in competition?
I will be racing at the Worlds in Oman (Oct 2015).

What goes through your mind in the last minute before the start of a race?
I’m thinking about my position on the line, the people around me, and the incoming wind.

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