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Pedro Pascual


How old are you? (as of Sep 2015)

When did you start windsurfing?
When I was 13.

Where did you learn? Where is your training base now?
I learned in Cadiz, Spain. I do not have a training center – I travel around the world to train with new people each time.

When did you start dreaming about getting to the Olympics? Did anything in particular trigger it?
It was a process where I had to realize I had the potential. It was during a chat with my coach that I realized I could make it and it was there when I started dreaming about going.

Is your Rio 2016 campaign a full-time commitment at this time?

Are you placing other plans on hold because of it? What plans?
Lots of them. My college education was put on hold in order to make my campaign full time.

Could you describe a typical week these days?
It depends on the wind and the proximity to future races but normally I train 6 days a week alternating sailing, gym and bike.

Do you find time to relax? What do you do to relax?
When I am not training I practice any other kind of watersport.

Are you on your own or is it a team effort?
This is a team effort and my family are the ones that support me the most.

What aspect(s) of your sailing are you working on right now?
I am working on tactics right now.

Can you describe a recent breakthrough?
I won the (2015) RS:One European championship and I made the gold fleet in the RS:X Europeans. This made me realize I can achieve whatever I put effort in.

Who inspires you to keep pushing?
There are lots of people who keep me pushing but mostly myself, I love this sport and I like spending all of my time training to become the best.

How are you paying for your campaign?
My family are my main supporters and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for their support. They help me in every way they can. I also have a crowdfunding page where everyone who believes in me is donating money to support my campaign.

Do you have a campaign website – how can supporters get in touch with you?
Yes I do. I post my training and races in my Facebook page, on Instagram and my crowdfunding page.

Besides the RS:X, What other class / type of windsurfing do you enjoy?
I enjoy every windsurfing class like raceboard and rs:one. Give me any type of board and I will enjoy it!

Where will we see you next in competition?
I will represent the U.S. in the RS:X world championship in Oman.

What goes through your mind in the last minute before the start of a race?
Lots of things. I try to be at the right place while controlling everyone around me and looking for the upcoming wind.

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