Peter Bonello

Peter Bonello

Sail: AE1
Member since: 2004
Racer, organizer

When did you start windsurfing?

Where do you windsurf the most?
Southern California

Your best session ever:
Maybe it was the first time I caught a wave in 1979, or the first time I caught air a year later; no, wait, it was that time I planted my feet at the very tail of my stock windsurfer (yes with teak boom) in a stiff 25+ knot breeze with the dagger board slung up my arm and the board skimming on its tail so that no water spurted out through the daggerboard well; or maybe it was that first race that I insisted on finishing inspite of being so dead last; hmmmmm… speaking about racing, maybe it was that long distance race in the 1981 World Windsurfer Championships in the Bahamas with 300 other starters from all over the world; or maybe it was that first Sicily-Malta 60 mile crossing, or was it the second time when we did it in just about 6 hours; it could have been that last race in Holland that gave me the title of World University Champion in ’83, or maybe it was that one 1984 Olympics race where I took 3rd place, resulting in reporters greeting me at the beach thinking that I might be a potential out-of-nowhere medalist, alas it was not to be; no, never mind all that, here’s my all-time favorite: screaming out of St. Paul’s Bay, Malta, on my formula board with my 10M sail and beating up to the island of Comino, taking a short cut as I round it to blast through the awesome flat waters of the Blue Lagoon at 20+ knots in spite of the fluky breeze caused by Cominotto to windward, then downwind below the cliffs guarded by yet another medieval castle and cross the ominous westerly swells of the Malta-Gozo channel, then practically wave-skipping down dark blue but somewhat flatter waters across the mouth of Mellieha Bay, hooking the rocky point of St. Paul’s Islands and beating back up to Xemxija at top speed. On some nights I just lull myself to sleep by going through the motions of that sail in my mind.

Tell us a bit more about yourself:
Trying to keep balance between my love of windsurfing, having fun, raising a family and being a contributing member of society, I head up a thriving airport engineering consulting practice; and am proud to have been part of bringing the US Nationals to Southern California in 2013.