My Ode to Kona Windsurfing!

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  1. Steve Callaway says:

    You caught the Kona spirit and it is spreading! Nice article! It was like stepping back into a time machine to be racing in the Keys!

  2. JD Motes says:

    Great article, Jim… Spectacular event and proud/honored to have been able to contribute to it’s success.
    It was our (the US team of race organizers) number one goal to have all of the international racers remember this Kona One World Windsurfing Championships was the most successful EVER and that it was hosted right here in the good old US of A…

  3. Tor Bakke says:

    Thanks Jim. You made my day. Your article is great and spot on. When I started this project (in 2005) it was like climbing a mountain in the “modern” pumping world, but my objectives were just what you describe; simplicity, fair sailing and thus,- elimination of the weight factor. It involved some engineering and fine tuning I can assure you, (to get the sail sizes right) but we got there within a surprisingly short trying and failing period. A big thanks goes to Patrice Belbeoch for designing/shaping the board and believing in my “crazy” idea. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the class growing and with so many happy faces. Its mission completed – bridging back to the original Windsurfing Class, but with a modern twist, meaning we had to equalize the fleet,- as the days with a 100 competitors in each weight division is long gone.

  4. I agree with Tor, who had a pioneering role in the history of Kona Windsurfing, this is a great and spot on article. Tor and I met at the first Worlds, known as the Gold Cup, in Thailand back in 2006. Five old windsurfing friends and competitors from Sweden went together to the competition after more than fifteen years outside the windsurfing world. We got hooked on the idea immediately.

    I also extend my gratitude to Tor for putting the whole concept together and having an instrumental role during the first years. The journey I and my family have made during since 2006 has been truly rewarding. From being a Swedish distributor to having the chance to acquire to concept and brand and develop it to what it is today, together with smart, warm-hearted and engaged people around the World.

  5. Jim, thanks for a great article. I completely agree with Steve. You capture the essence of Kona windsurfing and Kona spirit and your article encourages us to continue our work inviting more young and experienced windsurfers into the Kona community. I hope to see you next year in Calema Midwinters. Once again, thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

  6. windsurfer says:

    It hasnt been that long.
    180 competitors from 24 countries in the 2011 Techno 293 World Champs in SF only 3 years ago!

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