Sibling Rivalry on the Island!

  • Theyre off
    And they're off!
  • pre start
    Pre-start calculations!
  • JO flags
    The breeze is up!
  • JO flags 2
    Junior Olympic banners!
  • Griffin
    Griffen Catallo in action!
  • Gold racing
    Gold fleet racing!
  • Gold Fleet
    Gold fleet!
  • Christian Varas
    Christian Varas in action!
  • awards

2 Responses

  1. Diantha Redd says:

    Hi, there is no link to the 2017 regatta results…could you post it please?

    • JeromeS says:

      Hi Diantha,
      It appears that the VHYC might have deleted that page, unfortunately. If you contact them directly, I’m sure they still have a record of the official results somewhere!

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