Gear Insurance Program – archived

2015 Update: as most US Windsurfing members already have gear coverage under their homeowner policy, we’ve discontinued the Gear Insurance Program we previously carried with the David Agency. The description that follows is for archiving purpose.

Last updated on 1/8/2013

This great Equipment Insurance deal is available only to USWA Members!

  • World-wide equipment coverage
  • Replacement cost insurance
  • “All Risk” coverage
  • Collision Liability coverage included
  • One deductible per claim
  • Low premium
This equipment policy protects you and your gear, world-wide. It provides “all risk” coverage against loss except those exclusions normally found in any “all risk” policy. Your coverage stays with your equipment in planes, on boats, at home, on your car or on the water.
The policy provides Replacement Cost coverage on your boards and equipment except for woven materials or sails, which would be depreciated for claim payment. There is a $250 deductible per claim, except to the Collision Liability Clause or to claim for total loss or constructive total loss.
You must be a US Windsurfing member to qualify for this insurance. To apply, you will be asked to list the equipment you wish to insure.
The cost to insure your equipment is 2.53% of the total value of the equipment listed on the application. Minimum Premium is $100.
Insurance is provided by The David Agency.
To apply for the insurance, fill out the form, print it, make your insurance check payable to The David Agency and send to
385 North York Road, Elmhurst, IL 60126.
If you have questions, please call
Glenn McCarthy at 630-592-5314.
Equipment Insurance Application