Ben Barger

Ben Barger


How old are you? (as of Sep 2015)

When did you start windsurfing?
Age 8

Where did you learn?
The Bahamas

Where is your training base now?
St Petersburg, FL

When did you start dreaming about getting to the Olympics? Did anything in particular trigger it?
Around age 8 – watching the games on TV!

Is your Rio 2016 campaign a full-time commitment at this time?
No, just for fun.

Are you placing other plans on hold because of it?
Not this time, unless I win the trials – What plans?

Could you describe a typical week these days?
Work 8 to 6 and then go straight to windsurfing. Do that 3-5 days a week the last 9 months.

Do you find time to relax? What do you do to relax?
I find windsurfing very relaxing. I find training to be relaxing and release pressure. It’s all in the mindset.

What book, movie, recording artist have you enjoyed recently?
I read about 150 emails a day… Lots of different artists, but my favorites are restructuring planning emails!

Are you on your own or is it a team effort?
I’m self funded and largely train alone because there is no centralized training team/system in the USA. I manage a nutrition company so I’m stoked to have free nutrition products.

You’ve campaigned before: is it easier or harder this time around, and why?
It’s easier each time. Less stress, more money and less need to impress others. I just love the game.

What aspect(s) of your sailing are you working on right now?
I was totally out of shape in January after not sailing for 3 years. Now I’m feeling much better on the water, so my focus is on Miami and the Olympic Trials.

Can you describe a recent breakthrough?
My hands no longer hurt and my rowing times are finally back under 7 mins for 2k!

Who inspires you to keep pushing?
London 2012, I hate losing.

How are you paying for your campaign?
I’m self funded. I work a full turn job. If I win the trials I plan on raising money for youth development.

Do you have a campaign website – how can supporters get in touch with you? for updates, on Instagram and Snap: icgold4me.

Besides the RS:X, What other class / type of windsurfing do you enjoy?
Short boarding and wave riding. Also kiting is a ton of fun.

Where will we see you next in competition?
I’ll be racing at the worlds in Oman.

What goes through your mind in the last minute before the start of a race?
Looking for the next wind shift.

ben barger - action

Ben Barger in action!