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Marketing Opportunities for you and your company:

The sport of windsurfing has proved itself to be more than a passing fad of the 80s and has taken its place alongside snowboarding and surfing as one of the most dynamic and exciting action sports. It attracts participants from 6 to 80 plus years of age.

Windsurfing continues to grow and evolve. From the exciting freestyle revolution to the emergence of the Formula racing class, US Windsurfing has been there every step of the way. Windsurfing is a unique marketing property. It’s a sport that allows you to connect with an upscale consumer as they pursue their passion for exciting action, the natural adrenalin rush and camaraderie. As a sponsor, you be more than just another advertiser; you’ll share a deep personal involvement with your potential customer. A sponsorship partnership with US Windsurfing affords you the opportunity to showcase your company and products in a way that bypasses the clutter of everyday media advertising. When you partner with US Windsurfing anything is possible.

The revenue US Windsurfing derives from its sponsorship and marketing helps develop and expand recreational racing and clinics for participants of all ages, as well as support kids and youth racing development and the US Windsurfing Olympic Development Program.

Youth Development and Olympic Team Sponsorship

The Olympic Games are a unique marketing property. It’s the event that allows the world to see patriotism, tolerance, selfless sacrifice, individual excellence, and plain old virtue.

Unfortunately, only multinational corporations can afford to invest the time and money aligning their products with this magnificent sporting festival. But, US Windsurfing can link your company and products into the Olympic image in an inexpensive way. You can connect with passionate future and Olympic elite athletes and the values they stand for. Even if they don’t make the Olympic Team the lessons learned from windsurfing – especially racing – stays with the the athlete for a lifetime.

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