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It’s no mystery: the work we do at US Windsurfing is from the heart, but it requires funding too! We’re lucky to enjoy the financial support of passionate individual and corporate members, and to be on the receiving end of generous grants by forward-looking foundations and philanthropic organizations who recognize the value we bring to the community.

Please join us in thanking and supporting the following organizations, and get in touch with us if your goals align with ours and you’d like to contribute to our mission:

The US Sailing Foundation supports the sport of sailing by expanding access to sailing, providing the highest standards in training, and fostering competitive excellence for all sailors, of all ages and skill levels, in every sailing discipline. Every dollar is invested to build a strong and vibrant future for the sport.

The Marin Community Foundation‘s mission is to encourage and apply philanthropic contributions to help improve the human condition, embrace diversity, promote a humane and democratic society, and enhance the community’s quality of life, now and for future generations. We owe the 2020 grant to the generosity of the Fritz and Thorunn Bathelt Fund.