Galveston Bay Series

Note: The Galveston Bay Series has been cancelled for the 2021 season. The description below relates to the 2020 series.

We are proud to announce the Windsurfing King of Galveston Bay series! 2020 is the 1st year that racing is coming back to Galveston Bay with the help of Texas City Dike Yacht Club and US Windsurfing. This series will include four events throughout the year. At the end of the year, the best overall windsurfer will be crowned Windsurfing King of Galveston Bay!

The racing format will be simple and fun. There will be one class, which might include course racing, downwind slalom course, figure 8 slalom, freestyle, long distance or a simple triangle. The race course will depend on the wind and water condition for that event and will be decided by the race director. There will be no wind minimums or maximums. NOR will follow in the coming weeks. Starts will be mostly ‘Le Mans’ style starts on the beach if conditions allow.

Equipment restrictions (to qualify for the title, all equipment must be registered prior to the 1st race):

2 boards—Any size or type
4 sails—Any size or type
Foils—One mast, one front wing, one rear wing (any sizes)

Right or Ways: Standard port versus starboard for windsufers, foilers will have NO Right of Ways against any sailing class. Catmarans have full right of way rights on any directions against windsurfers and foilers. Stay out of their way.


Jun 6, 2020: Event #1 at the GBCC (Galveston Bay Catamaran Championship)
Jul 11-12, 2020: Event #2 at the Wayward Winds
Aug 8, 2020: Event #3 at the Cat Sailing Clinic
Sep 12, 2020: Event #4 at the Redfish Reach