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Windsurfing certification in the US is now done through WIPA, the Windsurfing Instructors and Programs Association!

WIPA operates under the umbrella of US Windsurfing and with full support from our friends at US Sailing. It’s an exciting reboot of the US Sailing windsurfing certification program that had been in place for decades. If you were familiar with that earlier program, you’ll notice a few changes to the contents and the certification process itself. The skills you acquired as an instructor under the old program are fully transferable, of course, but WIPA was created to add range and flexibility to the certification of our instructors around the country, and we’re pretty stoked about it!

Check out the details and don’t hesitate to get in touch with WIPA director Ned Crossley if you have any question.

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  1. Philippe Nguyen says:


    I would like to register for a certification course
    in the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently reside in Berkeley, CA
    and sail and windsurf in the Berkeley Marina.
    Can you give me locations, and dates, facilities that offer training courses.

    Thank you,

  2. Joe DeFrancesco says:

    Does anyone offer instructor certification classes near the Florida Panhandle?

  3. Edi Sanchez says:

    I have about 6 staff members looking to get certified for windsurfing instruction or camp counselor. We run a children’s camp and weekend adult windsurfing courses and I’m looking to get my camp counsellors certified. i can also host and training at my facility.

  4. Robert Soriano says:

    My son and I are looking for a wind surfing certification course on or near Corpus Christi, TX. If you have any info or the best way of getting the required cert. Please let us know.

    Thank you in advance,

    Roberto Soriano

  5. Michael J. Compton says:


    I live in southern CA and would like to take an instructor certification and/or instructor trainer certification course. Can you tell me when the soonest one will be and its location please?

    Thank you.

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