Why Windsurf?

Windsurfing is easy, fun, great exercise and inexpensive!!

You can do it!
Some people think that windsurfing is really hard. No way!
The truth is . . . a good instructor using specialized
training gear will have you gliding across the water in no time.

Why get into it?

Windsurfing is a fun and healthy way of enjoying the great outdoors and a challenging exercise that can bring the whole family together. Age or sex is not an issue in windsurfing. Anybody can do it as long as they can swim and have no fear of water.

How do I get started?

The easiest way is take lessons from a professional and certified sailing school . Their methodical approach and easy board-side manner combined with specialized beginner equipment guaranty success every time with just of few hours of lesson time.

Can kids do it?

Kids make great windsurfers! Kids as young as 5 have learned to windsurf. Special rigs are available to make it accesible to everyone in the family.  Check out this link to the Windsurf Kids . For older kids check our Junior section.

What equipment do I need?

Windsurfing equipment consists of board that looks like a big surfboard and the rig. The rig is like the engine. It has many parts including the sail, the mast, the boom (the part you hold on to) and the extension and universal.

The choice for your first windsurfing board and sail depends on many factors. The main ones are: sailing conditions where you sail, your weight and your ability. Stronger winds, less weight and higher skills indicate a smaller board and sails. For most people a board with more or less 180 liters of volume with a sail around 4.0-6.5 sqr.meters is the perfect starter package.

How much does it cost?

Complete new packages run from as little as $995 to more than $2500 depending on the level of gear purchased. Complete kit purchases usually include a complementary windsurfing course. There is also used gear available for around $800.

How do I carry the equipment?

It used to be that windsurfing gear was bulky, heavy and difficult to carry. Not any more. While most beginner boards are fairly big, any average size person can easily handle it alone. Most people choose to purchase a car-rack to carry windsurfing gear on top of the car. Inexpensive soft-racks are also available.

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    Where can I go to get beginning lessons, this looks fun.

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