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The Bic Techno 293OD is the class for Youth and Junior windsurfers, and the USA is host to the 2011 Techno 293 World Championship!!

If you have Olympic Dreams, or just live in an area without the wind needed for Formula racing, USWindsurfing’s official junior class is the Bic 293OD  and it is for you! Using the same age breaks and rigs as the popular FE (Formula Experience) class (which makes it easy to go between classes if you just can’t choose!) the Techno293 is designed to prepare our future Olympians by providing an easy transition to the hybrid Neil Pryde RS:X  The Techno 293 is the biggest youth class in the USA. USWindsurfing encourages race organizers to offer it as a youth class at all NRT (National Race Tour Events). For more info on the Techno 293 class, contact Britt at britt@nbwindsurfing.com.


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US Windsurfing is a Council of US Sailing.  Go to USSailing.org for official news and information on the sailing world. This is the organization that certifies windsurfing instructors.

Formula-experience.org for info on the Formula Experience windsurfing class.