2013 National Racing Tour Classes

The 2013 USW National Racing Tour again will feature racing classes to suit just about every sailor in North America. The scored classes include:

Formula Windsurfing (FW) — for competitors using equipment conforming to the International Formula Class rules []

Hybrid (H) — for competitors using a production board of 11 feet or less with a centerboard, and equipment conforming to class rules.

Kona (K) — for competitors using Exocet Kona equipment. For more info, visit

Techno 293 (T293) — for competitors using the Techno 293 OD equipment conforming to class rules []

Formula Experience (FE) — for competitors using equipment conforming to the Formula Experience Class rules []

Open Unlimited (O) — for competitors using any board and any sail. The LOA will designate a specific class to be the Open Unlimited Class for the USW NRT but the class specified must allow competitors to use any board and sail.