Access to Lake Hodges, CA in Peril. You can help!

San Diego County recently eliminated windsurfing access to Lake Hodges.  US Windsurfing needs your help in the fight to regain access to Lake Hodges.

The San Diego Windsurfing Association created a petition to help sway the County government to reopen Lake Hodges to windsurfing.

That petition is available at this link:

It is very important to print out the petition, sign it and then place it in First Class mail.  US Windsurfing encourages your help regardless of your location.  Even if you are not from the San Diego area, access affects all windsurfers, so please send in the prepared petition or simply write a letter in your own words.  Your 42 cent stamp will have a huge impact!

Also, a discussion of this topic exists on the forum.

Here is that link:

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