Banana River Resort Delivers Perfect Conditions for Arrianne Aukes Clinic!


Arrianne Aukes directing the action! (credit: BRR)

The Banana River Resort in Cocoa Beach, Florida hosted a windsurfing clinic recently (Apr 14-17) with one of the top freestyle windsurfers in the World, Arrianne Aukes. The BRR is famous for hosting Olympic athletes in their preparations for high stakes international competition, and now it’s adding style to the mix! The clinic was graced with perfect springtime wind conditions and six lucky participants took their riding to a whole new level! Is this the beginning of a series of high profile freestyle clinics at the BRR? Event organizer Beth Winkler reports.

by Beth Winkler

We were able to convince Arrianne to come early and hang out at the Resort before her clinic. We picked her up in Miami and drove to a picnic hosted by Treasure Coast Windsurfers. They are a very active group and we enjoyed meeting all of them! From that group we were able to talk Randy Kerr and Mike Colombo to join Arrianne’s clinic April 14-17.


Catching a breadth between a vulcan and a loop! (credit: Beth Winkler)

Clyde & Peggy Giesenschlag, Chris Lowrie, Phillip Newmarch, Randy and Mike were the 6 rippers who took advantage of this opportunity. Mother Nature gave us plenty of wind to ensure that our clinic seekers had great learning conditions.

At the Thursday night welcome party, we discussed what each one wanted to work on and got to know one another. And there we made a plan. We began with a freestyle session in planing flat water conditions at Banana River Resort. After lunch we took the party to Kelly Park for more freestyle action with a little more onshore choppy conditions.


Debriefing! (credit: BRR)

Day 2 we ventured to Jetty Park on the Atlantic Ocean. This is where we had 4ft waves with a side on wind direction. Planing all the while. On the 3rd day we invaded yet another local fun spot, Scurrah’s Landing. The wind was great at all venues and all 3 days. The clinic participants worked on 360’s, vulcans and loops. Thank you Arrianne for coming and bringing your expert knowledge – and the wind! Also, we wish to thank Fanatic and Next-Sport for their support in supplying her with great gear, along with Greg Winkler who helped get her here and Banana River Resort for hosting her. Next year we would like to show her more of Florida and travel to other windsurfing spots. Look forward to that!


The ocean playground right across the street! (credit: Beth Winkler)

Stay tuned for more info regarding windsurfing clinics at Banana River Resort. We will continually try to bring more great instructors to our Resort. I am happy to announce that Andy Brandt will be coming next! Mark your calendar for November 4-6, 2016. To sign up for that clinic go to


Mike Colombo posing for the shot! (credit: Arrianne Aukes)

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