WaterSpotr – where are your buddies sailing today?

icon - 05Today, US Windsurfing is releasing a totally free mobile app that’s going to take your windsurfing to the next level! Well, it won’t exactly teach you how to feather your jibes or duck your tacks, but we’re definitely hoping it will make the time you spend on the water more enjoyable!

It’s called WaterSpotr, and you can find it in both the Apple App Store (for those of you guys on iPhones) and the Google Play Store (for those of you on Androids). Here’s what it does:

  1. It catalogs all major windsurfing spots around the country. We have 600+ ocean, intracoastal, lake and river spots to-date, with more being added regularly.
  2. It provides basic information on each spot (dominant wind direction, parking, rigging area, map and directions, facilities, things to watch out for).
  3. You can visualize spots based on how close they are to your current location, thanks to the GPS in your phone (just turn on your Location Services). Or just go to the map and explore an area for your next road trip.
  4. You can check-in at a spot. Post a comment and a picture to let your buddies know where you’re sailing today and what you’re up to. Your friends on Facebook and Twitter can get a copy as well.
  5. As a result, you can check out where everyone is sailing today and start loading up the car to meet them at the beach!

The front page and map view in WaterSpotr!

The WaterSpotr app is an opportunity for windsurfers to explore new venues and connect with each other – because it’s more fun when you’re not sailing alone! The app is quite powerful but we also wanted to make it very easy to navigate. Watch the short tutorial that Charlotte Samson put together for you and you’ll be on your way in no time: http://uswindsurfing.org/waterspotr.

This app is the result of a massive group effort! It relies on information from many contributors who have tirelessly roamed the land – and water! – to take stock of all the beautiful spots in their respective regions, snap pictures and write up details for everyone’s enjoyment. We’re very grateful to everyone who contributed. This is grassroots community-building at its very best!

We hope you’ll enjoy using WaterSpotr. Install it, use it on your next session, post something, spread the word – the app is what you make of it!

Your friends at US Windsurfing.


Checking in at your local spot using WaterSpotr!

4 thoughts on “WaterSpotr – where are your buddies sailing today?”

  1. Some more spots…
    Lexington, MI 48450
    United States
    Lat: 43.2670 Long: -82.5263

    County Rd
    Caseville, MI 48725
    United States
    Lat: 43.9489 long: 83.2755

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