NRT 2011 Open

Class Rank
Sail Number
Island Style
Kashy WET
Dam Jam
Total Points
Anderson, Arden
2Anderson, AdamEL11112162048
3Hartwich, PeterV214121440
4Quinn, JohnVA 7412141036
5Gratton, AndyUSA 81171835
6Altmeyer, DonUSA 06131932
7Johnson, Steve141327
8Anderson, WayneEL111223
9Boersma, MarkUSA 172222
10Voith, Chris8181717
10Gratton, RobUSA 361717
12Olivier, Dan5341616
12Monroe, Alex2921616
14Sayre, SolvigUSA 0091515
14Reed, MichaelUSA 871515
16Samson, MargotUSA 2941414
17Muller, Ray1313
17Reichelt, DieterUSA 4771313
19Monique MeijerAH011212
19Contos, JohnVA 131212
21Anderson, Wayne1111
21Nugent, Pat8211111
21Lagoa, LaraUSA 31111
21Gaston, Kevin11101111
21Igoe, MicUS 981111
26Volenec, Matt61010
26Milbrandt, JayJM11010
26Brown, TimHOH1010
26Bonneau, LaurenceCAN 61010
26House, IanGB 191010

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