NRT 2017 Formula

Class Rank
Clearwater Midwinters
Sarasota Classic
Miami Open
SF Bay Challenge
US Nationals (Berkeley)
Total Points
Xavier Ferlet
2Ron KernK74611028
3Eric Christianson4491928
4Mike PerceyUS VYV111728
5Steve Sylvester181826
6Chris RadkowskiUSA18101626
7Al MirelUSA88251520
8Jean RathleZ61420
9Tom PurcellUS 1371219
10Justin AhearnUSA1668513
11Jack Lundquist1701313
12Charlie Lundquist173811
13Anders Petersson2841111
14John CerchioUSA28561310
15Tyson PoorUS 2299
16Seth Whitehead7562538
17Skip BomanX77
18Weyman LundquistL 9426
19Jesper Versterstroem11166
T20Antonio BelliUS 107415
T20Rick MartinUSA 19325
T20Peter BonelloAE 1235
23Lynn Olinga2155
T24Noah Lyons1144
T24Gary PeerUS 00844
T26Richard BakerUS106322
T26Tim KnappB22
T28Steven Davis8011
T28Wyatt MillerUS 52511

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