Viva Rio Vista!

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  1. Robert Ansell says:

    Great article, It was a really well run event thanks to David Mertens and his wife Heidi plus the RVWA. Thank you, Jesper Vesterstroem and the rest of the professionals Tyson Poor, Wyatt Miller, Rob Warwick and Jason Voss for helping our kids with the experience of a life time.

  2. Jesper, this is a brilliant post. I may not need to post a blog on my site now! Thank you for your participation and your kind words about the Rio Vista Grand Slam. Congrats on your victory! I know I am proud to be a part of this windsurf community! Hope to see you back here in the future!

  3. Cookie Rhodehouse says:

    I really enjoyed the article. The picture of Yanik Mertens at the end was perfect. N

  4. Terri Henderson says:

    Thanks Jasper for the great article. We are so excited to hear what a good time you had. We loved watching you sail. Thanks for coming and we can’t wait to see you next year.
    Terri Henderson RVWA

  5. Terri Henderson says:

    Great article. We are so happy you came to the event and enjoyed it so much. We loved watching you sail. Hope to see you next year

    Terri Henderson RVWA

  1. July 23, 2015

    […] the world. One young man, originally from Denmark, now living in Los Angeles, competed. He wrote this blog post, which really goes into detail about the event from his […]

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