Growing the sport one student at a time on Cochiti Lake, NM!

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  1. Richard Mueller says:

    A very nice article and a reminder of what can be accomplished by one person.

  2. Jtk says:

    Gene is a great, generous and helpful guy! He is one of the good ones that make NM better!


  3. Tom says:

    Gene is true spokesperson & advocate for H2o sports, but more than that, he’s just a good person.

  4. Tom Arbanas says:

    I will be 88 in October and intend to windsurf at Mission Bay, SanDiego again, soon. I started windsurfing about 1970 when a hangliding customer showed up with a windsurfer, which we took out on Lake Michigan and I tried to learn the art then. Steve Skilkin did his best instructing but the lake was choppy and he wasn’t skilled at it. Diane Sweitser sent invitations out to all Hangling business operators to Join Windsurfing International as dealers. I accepted and went to a Windsurfer instruction clinic in Petosky Michigan. Please tell me when WS is scheduled in the Rio Olympics

  5. John L Pacheco says:

    I was in the cohort of instructors which put the 80+ wndsrfrs on Cochiti Lake on a summer weekend day back in the 80’s. I was an instructor for the University of New Mexico P.E. department and have MANY fond memories of teaching and sailing at that lake. Gene was the guy at all the regattas who would start a fireside party [read drinking] song that ended with “what would the sailor say?” and we would all yell “take a drink, matey!” Those were the days… I, too, have moved on but I have continued wndsrfing at least 30 days a year seeing how I live in Houston and sail on Galveston Bay or at Corpus Christi. Gene Scanlon deserves all the kudo’s he gets windsurfing in New Mexico. Fair Winds!

  6. Ted says:

    OMG! I learned my basic windsurfing on Cochiti ages ago on a friend’s “Rocket 99.” Since those ancient times, I’ve had the opportunities to sail many places. Never , ever imagined at that time that I would end up living on Maui because of windsurfing! Living the dream that started at Cochiti!

  7. Tim says:

    Does anyone wing foil on Cochiti lake ?

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