Beth and Andy’s Kona Diary!

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  1. Daphne Lathouras says:

    Kona Worlds was a fabulous event. I’m so glad that I participated. Everyone was incredibly helpful and supportive to me as a Kona newbie. I’m going to spread the Kona stoke!

  2. Susan Sorensen says:

    Looking back at the photographs of that intense squall line and ultimately the deluge that hit, I’m still amazed and in awe of the sheer tenacity these competitors exhibited dealing with it. You all have my utmost respect!

  3. Great diary and comments. Sounds like great even. Bravo to those who survived the rain; that happens periodically in Gorge Cup racing… separates the man from the boys. 😉

    One design rocks and I appreciate that Kona allows for we larger individuals with the ‘sail by size’ element of the class.

    I can’t wait for the year I can break away from work to attend more well-run, Florida events.

  4. Eric Thor Davidson says:

    Hey Andy, We met on Sun at Golden Gardens. My cell is 423-619-7539. How mush are you going to charge for instruction?

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