Windsurfing Terms

Back The back part of the board, or stern.
Boom The horizontal spar which loops around the sail and is used to position the sail in relationship to the wind.
Clamp Attaches the front end of the boom to the mast.
Clew The back corner of the sail which attaches to the end of the boom.
Center Fin The vertical part of the board which extends down into the water. Analogous to the keel on a sailboat. Unlike a daggerboard and centerboard, a center fin is fixed to the board and cannot be removed until the board is brought ashore.
Centerboard A pivoting foil-shaped blade that projects below the bottom of a board to help prevent the board from sliding sideways.
Daggerboard A vertically moving foil-shaped blade that is let down below the bottom of a board to help prevent the board from sliding sideways. Similar to the centerboard, except it is raised and lowered vertically rather than pivoted.
Downhaul Attaches to and pulls the bottom of the sail or tack to the mast. This line also controls the tension on the luff.
Foot The bottom edge of the sail.
Front The front of the board or bow.
Head The top corner of the sail.
Jibe To turn the back of the board through the wind.
Line A rope.
Leech The back edge of the sail.
Luff The front edge of the sail.
Mast The main vertical spar which supports the sail and boom.
Mast Foot Where the mast and universal joint attaches to the board.
Outhaul The line which is used to secure the clew of the sail to the boom. This line is also used to control the shape of the sail.
Port The left side of the board.
Rig The mast, mast foot, boom, sail and lines (outhaul, downhaul, inhaul and uphaul).
Skeg The small vertical fin near the rear (stern) of the board.
Starboard The right side of the board.
Tack 1) The bottom corner of the sail; 2) A turn through the wind; 3) A direction of sail.
Uphaul 1) To hoist the rig by pulling on the sail’s uphaul; 2) A thick line which attaches to the boom to assist in pulling up the rig and sail.

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