Launching and Stopping

Launching The Board:

Be sure to check you equipment. The mast foot must be properly connected to the rig. Always inspect the mast foot connections and the flexible joint for any signs of wear. Failure of the mast foot can result in the separation of the board from the rig. Be sure there is a safety leash connecting the lower part of the mast foot to the board. This leash will prevent the rig from getting separated from the board in case of mast foot failure.

The bottom picture in the sequence shows how to launch the board into the water.


Carry the sail to the board with the mast towards the wind


Attach the mast foot to the
rig and be sure to check
your equipment


Launch The Board

Stopping The Board:

As you approach the shore, slow down and grab the mast well below the boom, squat down and grab the foot of the sail (Step-1).

Gently let the sail down and and crouch at the same time so you stay close to the board’s deck. The sail hitting the water will stop the board’s forward movement (Step-2).

Step down from the board and disconnect the rig from the board (Step-3).

Flip the sail so the mast is towards the wind (Step-4 and Step-5).

Carry the sail ashore with the mast towards the wind and the leech of the sail away from the wind. (Step-6)

Stopping - Step 1

img Stopping – Step 1

Stopping - Step 2

Stopping – Step 2

Stopping - Step 3

Stopping – Step 3

Flipping The Sail

Flipping The Sail

Position the sail, mast  toward the wind

Position the sail, mast
toward the wind

Carrying the Sail Ashore

Carrying the Sail Ashore

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