Windsurfing Positions

During your windsurfing lesson you will assume various positions on the board to start and complete windsurfing maneuvers. You will use the Back-to-Wind Position when you start and finish your windsurfing. From this position you will assume the Basic Position. From the Basic Position you can turn the board or enter the Sailing Position.

Back to the Wind Position:
This is the position you assume when uphauling the rig or when you are finished windsurfing. The rig is in the water directly downwind. The windsurfer stands with her back to the wind, in the middle of the board with her feet on either side of the mast holding on the uphaul line.

Basic Position:
In this position, you are standing on the centerline of the board with your back to the wind and the rig is on the leeward (away for the wind) side flagging downwind. The windsurfer and the rig assume a “V” configuration.

Sailing Position:
To get underway, you will go through a series of five movements. From the Basic Position, you can get underway by entering the Starting Position and progressing to assume the Balance Position and then two more to assume the Sailing Position.

Fail Safe Maneuver:

If in the Sailing Position you let go of your back hand (keeping your front hand) on the boom, the sail will swing forward reducing the force of the wind on the sail and depowering the sail. failsafe

Self-Rescue Position:

The rig has been lowered and folded on the center of the board. The windsurfer lays over the rig facing forward and paddles to shore. You should only do this if you are confident you can paddle to shore. Always aim upwind or up current to where you want to land. selfrescue

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