The Basic Position

Basic Position:

In this position, you are standing on the centerline of the board with your back to the wind and the rig is on the leeward (away for the wind) side flagging downwind. The windsurfer and the rig assume a “V” configuration.

In this position your back is to the wind and you are holding onto the mast with both hands with the sail flagging downwind.Your front foot instep is against the mast foot and your back foot is behind the mast on the centerline. Your feet are roughly a shoulder’s length apart.Arms are extended and holding onto the mast about 6 to 8 inches below the boom. Your knees are slightly bent. The rig (sailing, boom and lines) is flagging downwind and a “V” is formed between the mast and your body.

From the basic position you can:

  • Lower the rig and sail to get off the board or assume the rescue position.
  • Turn the board.
  • Through a series of steps assume the sailing position.

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