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Thank you for joining or renewing your membership!

We have exciting programs in place to support the sport we all love: events, clinics, youth development, outreach, promotion, etc. And it’s all made possible by your membership dues! We hope that you’ll be able to pitch in at one of the levels indicated below, but we also have an ‘Open Donation’ membership if you’d like to contribute a different dollar amount – pay what you want!

Here are the membership types. Just make your selection below to create your profile and complete your registration. Please make a note that our men’s t-shirts run large!

Open Donation Open Donation
Like what we’re doing and want to give a bit more? Pay what you want and tell us on the registration form what type of membership you would like. Pay above the suggested donation amount for your membership type and we’ll include two of our new polyester shirts to give to a friend or your significant other as they cheer for you from the shore!
$20: Junior (18 and under) $20: Junior (18 and under)
You’ll get all the benefits of membership at a seriously reduced rate!
$50: Individual (standard) $50: Individual (standard)
This is our standard membership.
You’ll get a cool polyester shirt too!
$40: Individual (part of a USW club) $40: Individual (part of a USW club)
Are you part of a local club affiliated with US Windsurfing?
Give a big hug to your club officers at your next meet:
you’re getting $10 off thanks to them!
$80: Family $80: Family
More than one shredder in the family? You get a deal!
This one is good for up to 4 family members and it includes 2 shirts!
$100: Club $100: Club
Have a few pals you’re sailing with regularly?
Form a club and give everyone $10 off their standard membership!
$250: Corporate $250: Corporate
You have a company in the windsurfing industry? Support us!
You have a company that’s not in the windsurfing industry? Support us too!
We’ll acknowledge you every chance we get: newsletters, facebook, etc. Let’s help each another!
$1000: Lifetime $1000: Lifetime
You live and breathe windsurfing. You met your spouse on a windsurfing trip. You can’t imagine a day without it. And you don’t want to look back 20 years from now and kick yourself for not purchasing a lifetime membership today!

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