Back in the Saddle at the 2014 Kona Worlds!

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  1. Steve Callaway says:

    We had a chance to visit old friends and make so many new ones that seem like we’ve known forever. All brought together by Kona to share our love for the sea. Thanks Tom and welcome back.

  2. Tom,

    Just wanted to express my appreciation for your article about the Worlds in US Windsurfing. You managed to capture the essence of Kona windsurfing in an excellent way.

    Hope to see you next year in Calema.


  3. Bill Lelbach says:

    Hey Tom, get in touch with me. I’ve raced the last two winters at the Calema Midwinters – first time on a board in 10 years. I’m hoping to be there again for the 2015 event and would love to catch up and kick your ass on the water.

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