Pumpkin Cup Riders!

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  1. Chuck says:

    I just read this and I have a question or two. It appears that this is a regatta that is for windsurfering but it is not a 1 design regatta? I raced Sunfish for many years and before that I did some off shore racing. I had fun tooling around on the original Windsurfer but never felt competent enough to race. I always found windsurfering to be the ultimate sailing. Hands on the wind, feet on the water.

    Is the reagatta triangles?
    Is it windward leward.

    Looks like lots of fun

    • guy miller says:


      It is definitely not a one design regatta. It was structured so people could race whatever equipment they owned and be competitive with people on similar equipment. The format was downwind slalom, which meant there was no need for specialized upwind equipment. That being said the wind was very shifty, sometimes making the first mark tricky to get to in one tack. So three buoys two outside and one inside, and the finish downwind of the start.

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